Hello there! I am Hejeci, a 23 year old typical girl from the Philippines now based in Singapore. People usually misspell, mispronounce or forget my name as it is a unique and an unusual name in the Philippines so I hope you do remember! By the way, my name has a beautiful meaning behind it! Thanks to my father who gave it to me! Based from my blog's title, you would conclude that my nickname is Jeci but it's not. That is just my "alternative" nickname for people to easily understand and for me to save time instead of spelling my name out for them. 

I graduated from the university 3 years ago and now enjoying the working life (but missing studying and university days every now and then!). Happy and cheerful are two of the best words I can describe myself as. I laugh a lot as much as possible and tend to do silly things! There’s a lot of things I love doing and would love to do – traveling (my dream tour would be in Paris, France!), going on adventures (like rappelling, cliff diving and I-want-to-try-bungeejumping/skydiving/skiing/snowboarding kind of adventures!), satisfying my taste buds (like eating different places’ unique dishes) and watching Korean drama series (preferably romantic comedy) and Korea's variety show Running Man (an avid fan you got here!). I would love to share with you my thoughts and experiences about these things! So there, I hope you enjoy!

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